THE HEALING JOURNEY

One of Lao Tzu’s famous sayings is “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.”

The TAO journey of healing any human disease or disorder is a great challenge to many who are already confronting the many symptoms related to their disease and disorder. The challenge is often so great that hesitation and procrastination become only natural. 

So, before you take your first step, ponder on this reality: in life, all humans have two desires or pursuits-happiness and healthiness, which not only often come with many delusions and illusions but also always are unattainable and unsustainable. But the TAO may give you self-intuition and self-enlightenment to help you along your own journey of healing.

Having No Desire and No Intent

It is your journey, and only you can take your first step. So, you must choose to take your first step to go on that healing journey.

To begin your journey, you must show no desire to heal and no intent to reach your destination.

The explanation is simple: the desire for good health may be difficult for someone who is currently confronted with many health issues.  That is, that individual may think that he or she is impossible to restore natural health and get well again. Worse, ill health may even make that individual feel depressed and forget to take care of the body, and thus allowing the body's malfunctions to continue and deteriorate further.

A wise traveler on a long journey has no fixed plans, and is not intent upon arriving at the destination any time soon. But that traveler is ready to use all the situations and all the people encountered to help him or her along the long journey of healing and recovery.

Likewise, healing is a long, on-going process, and not a destination. With innate and inexplicable power of human wisdom, it may appear that everyone and everything along your journey are also playing a part in facilitating in your favor all your endeavors in healing yourself of any disease and disorder you may be having.

The bottom line: take your first step of no desire and no intent for healing so as to change your pre-conceived thinking mind, and to overcome any attitude of confusion and even despair related to the trauma of diagnosis. On your healing journey, with no intent upon arriving at the destination any time soon, you will continue to keep yourself moving forward, and you will then go the long distance on your long healing journey.

Just remember that every step is as important as the first; and each step is as firm as the previous one. The Chinese often like to say “feet stepping on solid and steady ground.” Your healing journey is the sum of all the steps you are going to take. So, take your firm and steady first step to begin your journey of healing and recovery.

The TAO of Healing

According to the TAO, being free of desires is your path to detachment, and thus giving you clarity of thinking to start your own healing journey.

Detachment holds the key to emptying the human mind of any pre-conceived ideas based on past thoughts and projection of those thoughts into the future as predictions and automatic presumptions.

With no desire, you have no expectation. With no expectation, you live in the present, and you do what needs to be done with no over-doing. With no over-doing, you need not pick and choose, and hence you reduce the chance of making the wrong choices that create the stress. With no stress, you begin to live a life of balance and harmony essential to healing and recovery.

Paradoxically, if you have no desire to desire for change or healing, there is stillness, in which you may have the profound wisdom to see yourself gradually and slowly changing for the better on your healing journey:

“To live a life of harmony, we need letting life live by itself. . .

So, follow the Way.
Stop striving to change ourselves: we are naturally changing.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 57)

“Accordingly, we do not rush into things.
We neither strain nor stress.
We let go of success and failure.
We patiently take the next necessary step, a small step and one step at a time.
We relinquish our conditioned thinking. Being our true nature, we help all beings
return to their own nature too.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 64)

According to the TAO, a good traveler neither has fixed plans, nor shows any effort to arrive at the destination. This effortless effort is powerful, just like water:

The softest thing in the world
overcomes what seems to be the hardest.

That which has no form
penetrates what seems to be impenetrable.

That is why we exert effortless effort.
We act without over-doing.
We teach without arguing.

This is the Way to true wisdom.
This is not a popular way
because people prefer over-doing.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 43)

Begin your healing journey, and take your first step with wisdom, more specifically, the wisdom of the TAO, which is expressed in humility and simplicity:

“Those, who think they know, know not the Way.
Those, who think they know not, find the Way.

Simplicity is clarity.
It is a blessing to learn from those
with humble simplicity.
Those with an empty mind
will learn to find the Way.
The Way reveals the secrets of the universe:
the mysteries of the realm of creation;
the manifestations of all things created.
The essence of the Way is to show us
how to live in fullness and return to our origin.”
(Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching, Chapter 65)

Stephen Lau

Copyright© by Stephen Lau

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