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Asking relevant questions and seeking answers from them is self-empowering of your thinking mind to discover who you really are, as well as how and why you may have become sick.

Discovery is the pathway to healing, especially self-healing and self-help.

Discovery of Natural Self-Healing

(460 - 370 B.C), the father of medicine, once said: “Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.”

Now, take a step further: Let food be your “only” medicine. If you have developed a degenerative disease, start thinking of food as your medicine, in fact, the best medicine, if not the “only” medicine. Your body is designed to digest and utilize food to get its nutrients and energy. But only wholesome food can do just that-not even supplements, because all supplements are just what they are called.

If food is the “only” medicine for you, you will empower yourself with knowledge about food, and you will then pursue a proper diet with high quality, non-toxic, and nutritious food. That means, you will refrain from eating the commercially-prepared and chemically-loaded food obtainable at supermarkets. When food becomes the “only” medicine, you will also learn to trust your body; that is, you will learn what your body is telling you, and how it responds to real and wholesome food.

When you do become sick, you should also learn how to use herbs as medicine. Herbs from different parts of plants have different therapeutic values that promote self-healing without the use of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. As a matter of fact, many common herbs, such as cinnamon, garlic, and ginger, have been used as “food” medicine for thousands of years.

According to a Chinese saying, “You can never draw a line between foods and herbs. Herbs can cure many common ailments, such as constipation, cholesterol, high blood pressure, with little or no side effects. For example, use ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties to fight arthritis pain and nausea; use hawthorn berries for cardiovascular health; use aloe juice to cure an upset stomach.

If food is your “only” medicine, you will make good use of it to improve your health and heal yourself of any disease, including myasthenia gravis.

Hippocrates had also said: “Healing is a matter of time, but it is also a matter of opportunity.” Therefore, give your body that opportunity for natural self-healing by going drug-free, although it may take more time.

Your life is a journey through which you make many choices -- some good ones and also some bad ones -- that contribute to your health or illnesses. Life has a purpose with a unique destiny for each individual. Therefore, it is important that you know yourself, and self-healing is "knowing the self" as a part of your destiny. Sometimes and somewhere along your life journey, you may hit rock bottom and begin to despair. You may even ask the frequently-asked question: "Why me?" But that may also be the time of self-awakening for you. You may then begin to question how and why you have found yourself in that difficult and despondent situation. True self-awakening will make you take a different path -- a detour from that journey you have been prodding along all these years. Taking a different path creates the energy for self-healing.

Your self-awakening can be physical, such as a change of diet or taking up an exercise regimen. Your self-wakening can be emotional or spiritual, such as self-awakening to the power of love and compassion. For example, through the self-healing power of meditation, you may be awakened to a new awareness of reality, a new consciousness of who you really are and what your priorities in life are. Self-awakening may give you the desire and intention to heal, precipitating in changes that will ultimately heal not just the body but also the mind. Your very desire to heal is the healing energy for the body and the mind.

If you know yourself well, you will empower your mind with knowledge to heal yourself, and that empowerment generates more healing energy. If you know yourself more, you will make more right choices, than wrong ones, regarding your health. In making those right choices, you are well on the path to your own self-healing.

Unfortunately, many of us place the responsibility of healing on our doctors. We readily relinquish our own responsibility to know ourselves to bring about our own self-healing. As a result, we remain sick and unhealed. Dr. Felix Marti-Ibanez, M.D., hit the nail on the head when he wrote: "Only by knowing the healthy man can we cure him. . . . . To be a doctor, then, means much more than to dispense pills or to patch up torn flesh and shattered mind." What Dr. Marti-Ibanez meant was that you need to know yourself in order to be healed, because nobody knows your health better than yourself. Only you yourself can create that healing energy.

The bottom line: self-healing begins with knowing yourself through self-discovery and self-awakening to generate internal healing energy to heal yourself of any disease that you may have.

Stephen Lau
Copyright© by Stephen Lau

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