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                        BALANCE AND HARMONY TO HEAL

Given that your healing journey does not have a destination anytime soon, there will be many unexpected challenges and distracted detours ahead of you. Therefore, you need balance and harmony to enable you to continue on your healing journey.

Balance and Harmony in the Body with Balanced Foods

The Yin and the Yang diet

For centuries, the Chinese have observed the importance of balance and harmony, manifested in the concept of the Yin and the Yang (represented as the female and the male, respectively, or any two opposing forces in Nature that balance and complement each other, resulting in perfect balance and harmony).

The terms “the Yin and “the Yang describe the opposite yet complementary energy states in the universe. A balance between the two polarities can help you stay in beneficial energy alignment, which is fundamental to health and wellness. The Yin embodies negative electrical charge and contractive energy, while the Yang demonstrates positive electrical charge and expansive energy.

The balance of the Yin and the Yang is reflected in the Five Elements, which form the basis of the Yin and the Yang diet for a healthy immune system.

The Five Elements

This concept of balance and harmony originates from the Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water), which not only are fundamental to the cycles of Nature, but also correspond to the different organs of the human body. In addition, each of these Five Elements also corresponds to a different color.

These Five Elements not only balance but also complement each other to create balance and harmony. To illustrate, water nourishes trees or wood, without which there will be no fire, and without fire, there will be no earth, and without earth, there will be no metal; fire heats metal to produce water through condensation, and without metal, there will be no water. These Five Elements are inter-dependent on one another for existence in the form of a cycle of Nature.

Wood corresponding to green

Eat green vegetables, from asparagus to dark leafy greens, such as spinach.

Eat green fruits, such as lime, and melon.

Eat pumpkin seeds.

Eat green-colored beans, such as lentils, and mung beans; and grains, such as rye.

Fire corresponding to red

Eat red vegetables, such as hot red peppers and bell peppers, or beets.

Eat red fruits, such as red apples, or cherries.

Eat red nuts, such as pecans.

Eat red-colored beans, such as red lentils, and red beans; and grains, such as buckwheat.

Earth corresponding to orange and yellow

Eat orange and yellow vegetables, such as pumpkins, squash, and yams.

Eat orange and yellow fruits, such as mangoes, oranges, and papaya.

Eat orange and yellow nuts, such as almonds, and cashews.

Eat orange and yellow beans, such as chickpeas, and grains, such as corn and millet.

Metal corresponding to white

Eat white vegetables, such as cauliflower, and daikon radish.

Eat white fruits, such as bananas, and pears.

Eat white nuts, such as macadamias, and pine nuts.

Eat white-colored beans, such as white beans; and grains, such as barley and rice.

Water corresponding to black, blue, and purple

Eat dark-colored vegetables, such as black mushroom, eggplant, and seaweed.

Eat dark-colored fruits, such as blackberries, blueberries, and raisins.

Eat dark-colored nuts, such as black sesame, and walnuts.

Eat dark-colored beans, such as black beans and navy beans; and grains, such as black wild rice.

According to the famous Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, health and self-healing are contingent on a balance and harmony of all five elemental energies. Therefore, you are recommended to eat a diet that includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and grains of all the five colors in order to continue the self-healing process of the immune system to heal your myasthenia gravis or any autoimmune disease you may have.

The body needs balance and harmony to be connected with the mind that controls the body in the physical world.

Balance and Harmony in the Mind with Stress-Free Living

Always live in balance and harmony. But how? Live a stress-free life.

Stress is your body’s response to increased tension. Stress is normal. You need stress to do the following: accepting challenges; concentrating on doing a difficult task; having sex; and making important decisions.

Indeed, stress can be conducive to health. For example, sex creates stress: it increases your pulse rate and heartbeat, and stimulates your brain cells. Stress can be enjoyable, such as physical challenge in competitive sports.

But too much stress can increase your production of hormone epinephrine (and thus wearing out your hormonal glands) with the following effects: blood sugar elevation to produce more energy; breathing rate acceleration to get more oxygen; muscle tension; pulse rate and blood pressure increase; and sweating to cool down the body.

After the initial stressful stimuli, your body should be able to relax, slow down, and return to a state of equilibrium. However, if this does not happen, you become distressed.

Stress is the No. 1 factor not only in the cause of many human diseases, but also in the trigger of many autoimmune disease symptoms, including those of myasthenia gravis.

Stress and anger often go hand in hand. They cause hormone imbalance, which may trigger the development of an autoimmune disease.

Chronic stress, which causes your body to maintain physiological reactions for long periods of time, especially with respect to the release of hormones, can lead to depletion of vital nutrients in your body, particularly DHEA (a hormone critical to aging and the immune system), vitamin C, and the B-complex vitamins.

During stress, your body uses its DHEA supply and impairs the functioning of your body’s hormonal glands. According to scientific research, your DHEA levels decrease with age. Therefore, stress is only adding insult to injury.

To avoid or to decrease the symptoms of an autoimmune disease, learn to cope with your daily stress and to deal with your anger in any given situation.

The causes of stress in life

Stress may be caused by many factors, including the following:

Money and finance

Finance is one of the main stress factors in contemporary life due to unemployment, not having enough money to make both ends meet, debt from credit cards or gambling, home foreclosure, and unexpected exorbitant medical bills, among others.

To avoid financial stress, learn how to manage your money and your daily spending.

Health issues

The American Academy of Family Physicians once estimated that two-thirds of all family doctor visits are stress-related.

Health problems can be triggered by alcohol, sugar, and tobacco addiction. Chronic health problems are particularly stressful.


Relationships are often a source of emotional and psychological problems, such as breakup in a love relationship, separation and divorce, dealing with teenager problems, and coping with aging parents.

Work environment

According to the American Institute of Stress, up to one million employees absence per day are stress-related.

Work environment creates stress due to feeling of being unproductive, inability to perform or concentrate on work, unrealistic and unreasonable demands from employers or co-workers, racial discrimination, and sexual harassment, among others.

Special life events

Special life events -- whether they are positive or negative -- can be stressful, such as marriage or a wedding, graduation, a new job, buying a home, and even going on a vacation.

Your experience of stress can be past, current, and future.

Past stress (also known as “residual stress”) is stress from the past that you cannot overcome completely despite the passage of time.

Current stress is a current state of arousal caused by an existing situation that requires your immediate attention but that you do not enjoy addressing.

Future stress is “anticipatory stress” or worry about what “might” happen in the future. Residual stress can lead to future stress, passed on from unpleasant past experience.

The ways to handle stress

Basically, there are only three different ways to handle stress:

Relax to de-stress

Use relaxation techniques to help the body and the mind to cope with stress.

Avoid stress

Avoiding stress is only a temporary solution: it does not solve the very underlying stress problems. Avoiding stress is what is commonly known as the “fight-or-flight” response.

To deal with this type of stress, you may use your innate defensive mechanism to cope with stress by subconsciously distorting the realty. This is only tantamount to self-denial of a stressful situation.

Unfortunately, avoidance of stress only reinforces the feeling of inadequacy and therefore perpetuates the vicious cycle of stress. Avoiding or delaying the problem may only intensify the stress further down the road.

Procrastination is another form of this defensive mechanism. Unfortunately, this, too, is only a temporary measure: it does not eradicate the problem itself.

Manage stress

Manage stress by changing the perceptions of stress. Stress is always in the mind’s eye, that is, the perceptions of an individual.

Stress management is essentially about the perceptions of stress. In other words, it is all in the mind’s eye: what is stress to one individual may not be stress to another.

The key to managing stress is to achieve the right balance between tension and relaxation.

Balance and Harmony in the Soul with Alignment and Connection for Self-Healing and Self-Help

Alignment and realignment

The body, the mind, and the soul work together as a system of life energy for healing. The free flow or stagnation of this life-giving energy is dependent on the balance and harmony of the body, the mind, and the soul at each and every moment. It is this moment-to-moment alignment in the body, the mind, and the soul, as well as their alignment with one another, that creates your unique state of self-healing and self-help, which is a miracle in itself.

What is your current state of self-healing and self-help?

If you are living your life as if nothing is a miracle, most probably your body, mind, and soul are in misalignment with one another. You might feel your body is not healing, your mind is strangled with sadness and doomed to despair, and you life has little or no meaning, without a goal or purpose. On the other hand, if your current state of being is one of joy, hope, and purpose, you are living as if everything is a miracle because your body, mind, and soul are not only inter-connected, but also in perfect balance and harmony with one another.

Alignment or realignment is inter-connection of the body, the mind, and the soul to achieve balance and harmony for self-healing and self-help.

The miracle of self-healing and self-help is manifested in the spiritual wisdom of the soul that guides and inspires the mind, which controls the body living in the physical world.

Connection and reconnection

According to entropy, one of the laws of physics, anything left to itself will ultimately disintegrate, and fall apart.

According to John Donne, the famous English poet, “no man is an island, and every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”

Essentially, everything in the universe is somehow and somewhat connected, just as man is connected with one another in a subtle way. The miracle of this connection is to provide balance and harmony to guarantee their existence and co-existence, that is, their alignment with one another.

Focusing on others rather than just on yourself illuminates your soul to see its necessity to express your empathy, generosity, gratitude, and loving-kindness to others. But the challenge not to do that is as great as your innate desire to seek spirituality. Therefore, simplicity in living may enhance your spirituality and increase your strength to overcome the challenge not to seek connection with others.

With spiritual wisdom, you may believe in the miracle of self-healing and self-help. You will then see that all happenings in your life are somehow “connected” for an unfathomable and unimaginable purpose, and that you can turn any bad situation into an opportunity for self-healing and self-help. Believe in the miracle that you are connected with everyone you meet in your life, and that everyone can be either your teacher or your student. In other words, there is much for you to learn from any circumstance, as well as from one another. This is the miracle of alignment and connection.

With the wisdom of the TAO, you will find balance and harmony in your everyday life and living while you continue on your healing journey.

Stephen Lau
Copyright© by Stephen Lau